An idol in the heart of a person who exemplifies the inspiration.

An idol
An idol

An idol in the heart of a person who exemplifies the inspiration. Frank Gehry, the architect who created unique designs with a more sculptural style than architecture from deconstruction’s style. That made the shape of the building, there was a strange, distortion of the shape that was distorted and flowed Causing the audience to feel that the building is moving and powerful He was awarded a Pritzker Prize in 1989 and a number of other awards, including doctorate degrees from world-class universities such as: Yale University Harvard University Princeton University, etc.

The works that have created the reputation of Gehri’s most evident and revolutionary media and modern architectural style are: Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Bilbao, Spain (Guggenheim Museum Bilbao) The building is made of steel frame. The building wrap covering the building is made of titanium. Which when reflected light will see different colors according to different periods It is an architectural project with a complex design. Is the spark of new ideas Which influences the flow of design concepts It can be said that Gehri is the one who made the modern architecture revolution and change from the original. There are also other works Of Gehri, who is best known as Walt Disney Concert Hall (Los Angeles) And Dancing House in Prague Czech Republic And the Weisman Art Museum of the University of Minisot  สถาปนิก


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