Building a new house requires the service of an architect / engineer. Always or not

Building a new house
Building a new house
Building a new house requires the service of an architect / engineer. Is it always possible to invest in a home that requires a lot of money? And homeowners have to live in that house for many years How necessary is the use of the services of architects and engineers, both in legal terms? And in professional terms, building each house is not a small matter. Since it is a job that requires a lot of budget, thought, labor and time, many of you who wish to have a house may have a question. Is there always a need for architects and / or engineers to build a house?

If according to the law The construction of any building It is necessary to apply for a construction permit from a government agency such as a district office. Or Sub-district Administration Organization (SAO), where the building must be certified by an architect and engineer. Called the control building But not all buildings are controlled buildings. By the Controlled Architecture Profession Act Stipulate that Design work is a professional architecture control job. Except for private residential buildings with a combined area not exceeding 150 square meters or agricultural buildings with an area of ​​not more than 400 square meters. Stipulate that Buildings considered to be controlled buildings Must have an engineer to design And construction supervision Must have the characteristics

1. A building with three or more floors or a structure of a building Any floor height from 4 meters or with a beam span of 5 meters or more.

2. All kinds of public buildings

3. Underground structures with a depth of 1.5 m.

Therefore, buildings that do not fall into the aforementioned criteria Not a controlled building There is no need for architects and engineers to sign the design and construction supervision. Such as the construction of a small house Area not more than 150 square meters, 2 floors, beam range less than 5 meters, homeowners can build their own. Or hire a contractor to build In which the owner of the house can sign to be the supervisor of the construction work by himself Before construction, a permit must be submitted by attaching an area map showing the land line Ground floor plan And the location of the building only in brief While if it is a controlled building Must submit a plan Model assembly list And calculation list That are endorsed by architects and engineers only.

Various free house designs That are commonly distributed If the area of ​​the house is more than 150 square meters, professional architects and engineers must be hired to inspect. And make additional documents such as structures with calculation items Sanitary system model, electrical system and assembly list. Form with a signature to apply for a construction permit

Besides the importance of architects and engineers in signing the design If the legal issues that the building is controlled are not considered, an architect is required. And engineers signed the form The use of architects and engineers is a regulated profession, as well as a licensed professional doctor or lawyer Is still important

Hiring an engineer to design is for the stability, strength and safety of the building. Which is an investment for life safety And your own property As for the hiring of architects to design In order to get a comfortable home Suitable for the specific environment in each land And to make the house unique Truly corresponds to the unique lifestyle of the residents

Contractor hiring Without hiring an architect And / or engineer And to control the construction itself, there are risks in many respects, for example the most serious case is that the house may not be strong and safe. Due to the lack of knowledge and experience of the contractor Including there may be a hidden work incomplete which the homeowners are unable to check by themselves. Or not serious cases, but may be a long-term fussy problem such as water leaks, cracked houses, mismatched walls And the house lacks architectural details That requires an architect to design such as tile, edge, corner, connection of various materials To have both beauty And usefulness

In addition, taking a house model to the contractor to charge the price You will never know how much the contractor is offering an exaggerated price. But if architects and design engineers have been hired first During the construction process, the middle price of the detailed construction cost (BOQ) will be charged so that the homeowner can compare it with the price offered by various contractors before deciding on a contractor. Sometimes the difference being raised by contractors may be greater than the wages of architects and engineers.

Hiring a home builder company Is another option for those thinking of building a house Because you can definitely control the budget However, you must choose a company that is reliable. And have good performance This type of company will have both engineers. And architects are in the company Able to provide consultation, design and construction. But there is a limited selection of houses to choose from Which can be modified in some way It is not the same as hiring a design architect who will have more freedom.

Building a house is one big investment in a lifetime. In a lifetime, we may have built a house a few times. And still have to stay in that house for many years Or maybe the whole life It may also have to invest your whole life money. Or a loan for 20-30 years, so it is worthwhile to use the service of skilled architects and engineers. And have more experience in home construction design than us Is an assistant to manage all matters smoothly In order to get a home that is strong, safe, comfortable as intended รับออกแบบบ้าน


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