Creative process One type of human being is outstandingly beautiful.


Creative process Works to meet the needs of everyday life to be more comfortable or to solve problems that arise physically Or to improve the way of life of human beings to be higher quality than before

Design means knowing the planning steps. And know how to use materials And methods of making them conform to the nature, form and properties of each material. According to creativity

Design means improving the results. Or things that already exist to fit There are more novelties such as chairs that have been used for a long time, we can improve. To a new, beautiful, strange, but still comfortable in use Same as before or better than before.

Design is defined as a logical combination or arrangement of both 2D and 3D elements by bringing design elements together and taking into account them. Usefulness Beauty is a key feature of design. Design is human art. It arises from the creation of aesthetic values ​​and the physical benefits of human beings. ออกแบบบ้าน


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