“For the best” go home, get some rest, take a tour of the apartment business.

“For the best” In the name of Kukumiya. Another hero who’s very cute and grateful because he’s always been a good parent, like the many times that the parrot took

pictures of her son helping her do her homework.

Including the last driver, taking me back to the old county house, and this time I’m taking you to

a family business that I’ve been working on for a long time

which is an apartment that’s been going on for over 16 years, which is on a date.I’ve been helping you since you were a kid, and this time I’ve been doing a lot of renovations

like painting a new fence that the parrot told me about.

“16 years when your parents were involved in building a safe and secure apartment

you were 11 and 12 years old, which helped me a lot. That one, do that

print a sticker message with Bree next to her office next to the bathroom, write it yourself

and walk around every room for her, finish it, run over to her

and she’ll lift her finger with a very, very, very, very, very good hand clap. I heard two guys jumpin’ for a fist! Yeah!

And I came in and hugged my mom so fast, I couldn’t lose.Her face was smiling, but the tears that we had the most wonderful encouragement from her.

We were thinking about papyochio. I’ve been taking care of all the lights these days, and when I go to this apartment, I’ve been thinking about how I can climb the fire

fix the electricity, and now I’m lying on my bed, and I’ve been reporting everything about the apartment to the sky for a while, and I’ve been sending back memories that

I’ve given to everyone in my family that I’ve enjoyed, including people staying at the apartment. Losing money and wanting to be safe and comfortable.

And I thank you all with all my heart for your patronage

and I would like to encourage you all to enjoy your eternal happiness and to thank you very much, Barry and Bree. ”

Including this homecoming reunion of relatives

mothers, brothers and sisters, traveling to a farm in the middle of nature, rowing boats, having a very happy holiday, a big family that looks very cozy, plus the beauty of wearing clothes that blend with nature.

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