Home design Things to know, you should know before making a decision


Home design
Home design

Home design hings to know, you should know before making a decision to build. It is very important before the construction of each house.

1. Principles of home design determines the style.

The starting point for the design of the house, choosing the style of the house is to define the target areas in order to make the dreams more clear. By looking at the house designs on various websites or when you go where and find the one you like, take a picture and keep it in case you can choose and use as a design approach or try to apply it to your dream home There are many styles of houses to choose from, such as: Thai Applied, Vintage, Loft, Minimal, Tropical. Little by little In order to become your own style However, the design to get the style that you like must take into account the location. And communities living around for use in consideration to be included

2. Design principles determine the size.

Which is the size of the usable space of each room down How many meters in width and length are required? Determining the area of ​​use of each room will help to analyze the total usable area. This analysis will make the design clearer. It also helps to know how many floors should be built to be appropriate. In the event that there is land ready for construction, it is necessary to design it in accordance with the existing land But if you have not bought the land Determination of the scope of use Will help you find and buy land according to the size you want It can also be used as a reference for a construction budget estimate.

3. Designed by determining wind position and direction.

Good house design in addition to beauty Another thing is the design in harmony with nature. In order to properly live in the house Therefore, it is important to think about the direction of sunlight and the direction of the wind.As a natural principle, sunlight shines a lot in the west and south, so rooms that need a lot of light or rooms that need to dehumidify should be designed to face that direction, such as bathrooms, kitchens, rooms. Wash, etc. For rooms that need adequate amount of light, suitable such as bedroom, living room, study room, movie room, because these rooms, if there is too much light, will make the room hot as well. The design advantages with this principle also save energy. Because if the house has enough light, it is not necessary to turn on the lights during the day.

4. Positioning of the air conditioner

As you know, with the climate, our country is tropical. Therefore it is inevitable to have to install the air conditioner Especially during the night time residents want to stay cool when they sleep. Therefore, the bedroom design must take into account the angle where the air conditioner can be placed Also, the heat exchanger’s position must not be disturbed and heat is not drawn back. Or will add additional insulation Helps to make the room more cool

5.Designed for sound proof

In this case, it means both the noise from inside the house and outside the house, such as from the street in front of the house, noise from the house Therefore, soundproofing should be designed from various places such as soundproof windows design, the use of space divisions, the installation of sound insulation, the construction of double walls. Or the use of solid doors, etc.

6. Design your home with the future in mind.

When designing a house, careful consideration is required. And looking forward to the future Because in addition to thinking about the comfort of everyone in the house It is also important to think that if a family member has young children or an elderly person living with it. Should choose to build a room or use a house structure that looks safe. Avoid having a level ground to avoid the risk of accidents. And should add a bedroom downstairs for the convenience of the family And do not forget to allow the structure in the event that there may be an extension of the living space within the house. If you need to have new members added รับออกแบบบ้าน


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