The Best Films Of 2014

Mr Turner

Mr Turner

Mr Turner Straight up with Naked and Secrets and Lies as his absolute best. Mike Leigh’s late-Turner biopic profited by three men at the highest point of their games. Leigh, obviously, was one, forming a period piece to join Topsy-Turvy. As a superbly nitty gritty, flawlessly delivered representation of Britain in the nineteenth century. At that point there was his old mucker, Timothy Spall, nearly promising himself a BAFTA for his peevish. And snorty yet amazingly inconspicuous Turner. Finally, there was Turner himself, whose workmanship assumed. A particularly unmistakable part and whose last years were regularly just about as blustery as the seascapes he painted. A film about workmanship, Mr. Turner ended up being artistic work by its own doing.


Her: แค่ใครสักคนบนดาวเคราะห์นี้

Channeling what is by all accounts an individual torment, Spike Jonze ties his eye for style and plan into a film that is peculiar while never allowing that to impede the romantic tale. Phoenix is squashed and lowered as Theodore Twombly, a man brought low by life that discovers comfort in, for goodness’ sake, a complex working framework. However, this is no basic story of an A.I. who discovers a perfect partner and afterward hooks on – Jonze has a substantially more redemptive story to tell here, one that drives Theodore back on a way to associating with humankind.

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

รีวิว Dawn of the Planet of the Apes | รุ่งอรุณแห่งพิภพวานร • PatSonic

If Rise was the starter, Dawn was the full, fulfilling feast, exploiting the innovation to present to Andy Serkis’ Caesar and co. to life, yet always failing to push that to the cutting edge. This is a human (and simian) story of parenthood, struggle and trust that simply ends up having individuals cooperating with wise chimps. Reeves coordinates with a certainty gained from taking care of impacts while keeping the feeling unblemished and the film feels like a transformative jump forward as far as blockbusters that offer something beyond exhibition. You’ll be left biting the dust to realize what occurs straightaway, so no pressing factor, Matt… ดูหนัง hd


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