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7 ways to design your own house to be beautiful and practical

7 ways
7 ways

7 ways to design your own house to be beautiful and practical Basic principles that should be known before taking action.

How to design a good and effective home? What to consider Whoever wants to know, come and see the design of your own house to be perfect without a professional need.

For someone with no home design experience and house plans, this is very difficult. Because besides having to take into account the beauty and functionality Also need to consider the cost that is bothersome. So for people who are going to design their own home and are looking for inspiration. Today, Jaruk.com brings together effective home design tips. Guaranteed to help make difficult matters easier. Plus you must get a beautiful house that is exactly what you want

1. Choose a type of residence suitable for members.

Not every family needs a big house. And it’s not that every family is suitable for a small home. Therefore, the most important thing before designing a house is to choose a type of residence that is suitable for the number of family members such as single-detached houses, townhouses or condos. How much space should be suitable for everyone’s lifestyle? In order to further calculate how many bedrooms in our residence should be How much toilets And which parts are added

2. Make layouts a priority.

After selecting the type of residence Should pay attention to the house plan before decorating. Because even though the house is beautiful But if it does not meet the needs of daily use, it is useless. So anyone who is going to design a house Should complete the design of the house plan first. By considering how to position each room Between common areas and private spaces Can be next to each other or separate people from different zones to better lane To prevent noise Or the living room, dining room, kitchen, partition wall is good? Or better design in Open Plan

3. Decorate according to the space.

After choosing the desired house plan It’s the stage of decoration Which should be selected in accordance with the space, size and layout of the house, for example, if the house is relatively small. Should choose a modern style decoration. Because both the color scheme and the design in this style will help the interior look spacious, bright, airy atmosphere. More than a traditional style or a traditional home. That often use a partition wall to divide the space Which will make the house that is already small even narrower

4. Consider the advantages – disadvantages of each point.

When you get a house that you like Do not act immediately Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each point once, for example, if you like large windows because you want the house to be bright and see the outside view. Do not forget to see if it matches the sun or not. When is the sun Otherwise it will heat up the house. May have to attach awnings or change the thermal curtains

5. Make a clear budget.

Another problem of decorating the house that many people tend to face is Buying things into the house is too pleasing to the budget. Because I want everything The more you find, the more you find what you want. Therefore, you should set a clear budget and try to control it within the specified limit. Prevent the budget from escalating or overloading a little, but not too much. More importantly, do not forget to keep an account. To know what to spend on And can reduce where to save more

6. Ask for opinions from knowledgeable persons

This is to reduce the problems that will come later. Should consult or ask for opinions from people in the design industry. It could be an experienced acquaintance or an expert like Architect or additional interior as well. Because they have in-depth knowledge Able to provide advice in all aspects Including adjustments and bug fixes to make the house more suitable and livable for us

7. Trust your intuition.

Because home design cannot be wrong, there is no right, so the most important thing is suitability and needs. In addition to the aforementioned design methods There is no need to follow exactly everything, some may look a little out of the box. But if you consider that it is what we like and it fits with the nature of our daily life. Trust your intuition and act on your own home, or simply say that if you feel right, yes, no need to follow anyone. According to the textbook of cultivating

Home design has many factors involved. Therefore, in addition to the beautiful decoration as you like Do not forget to take into account the number of members in the house The daily life of each person Including various comforts as well in order to make the house a truly livable home And will not have to follow the correction later ออกแบบบ้าน

Creative process One type of human being is outstandingly beautiful.


Creative process Works to meet the needs of everyday life to be more comfortable or to solve problems that arise physically Or to improve the way of life of human beings to be higher quality than before

Design means knowing the planning steps. And know how to use materials And methods of making them conform to the nature, form and properties of each material. According to creativity

Design means improving the results. Or things that already exist to fit There are more novelties such as chairs that have been used for a long time, we can improve. To a new, beautiful, strange, but still comfortable in use Same as before or better than before.

Design is defined as a logical combination or arrangement of both 2D and 3D elements by bringing design elements together and taking into account them. Usefulness Beauty is a key feature of design. Design is human art. It arises from the creation of aesthetic values ​​and the physical benefits of human beings. ออกแบบบ้าน

Dsign Something likes home decoration, you must have fun

Dsign Something
Dsign Something

Dsign Something likes home decoration, you must have fun looking at these sites. Surely over an hour Is a website that started from a Thai designer Mainly for Thai people and Thai designers It started out as a magazine that presents various aspects of design content. Essentially, Architecture, Interior and Product works, which later in the digital age have also increased their online presence. What is interesting in addition to the various projects that have to be searched a lot That is, in the menu at the top of the site, there is a section called Product Library. Think of it as sometimes we look at a picture of a finished design. See the photos taken on the website Put a book in a beautiful corner We also want to know what material we use, what brand, what brand of furniture is it, which for Designboom is a very good thing. That gathered information about this matter for us to search as well ออกแบบบ้าน 

Frame ชอบแต่งบ้านจะต้องดูเว็บเหล่านี้ได้เพลินๆ เกินชั่วโมงแน่ๆ


Frame ชอบแต่งบ้านจะต้องดูเว็บเหล่านี้ได้เพลินๆ เกินชั่วโมงแน่ๆรู้จักกันดีในแวดวงการออกแบบในนามนิตยสารที่โด่งดังสัญชาติ Netherlands ที่ภายหลังนอกจากการทำนิตยสารและทำเว็บไซต์แล้ว Frame ยังจัดประกวดงานออกแบบโดยเปิดกว้างสำหรับโปรเจกต์ทั่วทุกมุมโลก มาแข่งขันกันภายใต้รางวัล Frame Awards ซึ่งจัดขึ้นเป็นประจำทุกปี และในแต่ละปีก็มีสถาปนิกและนักออกแบบไทยหลายๆ คนด้วยกัน ที่ไปคว้ารางวัลในระดับสากลที่น่าภูมิใจแบบนี้มาได้ หากอยากลองติดตาม ไม่ว่าจะเป็นงานออกแบบที่น่าสนใจ หรือผลงานการประกวด เพื่อดูว่างานออกแบบลักษณะไหนที่ชนะรางวัลระดับโลก หรือแม้แต่จะเข้าเว็บไซต์ไปติดตามเทรนด์การออกแบบ ก็ได้เช่นกัน ออกแบบบ้าน 

App สร้างแปลนบ้านง่าย ๆ ด้วยตัวคุณเอง เชื่อว่าใครหลายคนในยุคสมัยนี้

App สร้างแปลนบ้านง่าย ๆ
App สร้างแปลนบ้านง่าย ๆ

App สร้างแปลนบ้านง่าย ๆ ด้วยตัวคุณเอง เชื่อว่าใครหลายคนในยุคสมัยนี้ ต่างก็มีความคิดที่อยากจะสร้างบ้านในราคาที่แสนประหยัดและมีประสิทธิภาพ

MagicPlan ได้มีการสร้างโดย Sensopia Inc. เป็นแอปพลิเคชันที่ได้รับความนิยมและรางวัลมากมาย สามารถใส่เฟอร์นิเจอร์ รูปภาพ หรือคำอธิบายต่าง ๆ ลงไปได้ มีฟังก์ชันถ่ายภาพ ซึ่งให้เราถ่ายรูปบ้านจริงและวาดแปลนลงไปบนนั้นได้เลย โดยเมื่อออกแบบเสร็จแล้วจะสามารถดูได้ทั้ง 2D และ 3D และยังมีสกุลไฟล์ให้เลือก Export หลากหลาย ออกแบบบ้าน

Free home design website by myself, carefully planning the décor

Free home
Free home

The free home design website by myself, planning the decoration carefully and the people who act right away, are clear enough, it is quite complete. https://roomstyler.com/3dplanner There will be platforms similar to other free website design services A little further on this site is that you can order furniture as well, create moodboards or décor tones. There is also a constant contest to design rooms in various types of website users. Making in addition to being able to design their own You can also see other people’s designs. – Terra BK ออกแบบบ้าน

Home design Things to know, you should know before making a decision


Home design
Home design

Home design hings to know, you should know before making a decision to build. It is very important before the construction of each house.

1. Principles of home design determines the style.

The starting point for the design of the house, choosing the style of the house is to define the target areas in order to make the dreams more clear. By looking at the house designs on various websites or when you go where and find the one you like, take a picture and keep it in case you can choose and use as a design approach or try to apply it to your dream home There are many styles of houses to choose from, such as: Thai Applied, Vintage, Loft, Minimal, Tropical. Little by little In order to become your own style However, the design to get the style that you like must take into account the location. And communities living around for use in consideration to be included

2. Design principles determine the size.

Which is the size of the usable space of each room down How many meters in width and length are required? Determining the area of ​​use of each room will help to analyze the total usable area. This analysis will make the design clearer. It also helps to know how many floors should be built to be appropriate. In the event that there is land ready for construction, it is necessary to design it in accordance with the existing land But if you have not bought the land Determination of the scope of use Will help you find and buy land according to the size you want It can also be used as a reference for a construction budget estimate.

3. Designed by determining wind position and direction.

Good house design in addition to beauty Another thing is the design in harmony with nature. In order to properly live in the house Therefore, it is important to think about the direction of sunlight and the direction of the wind.As a natural principle, sunlight shines a lot in the west and south, so rooms that need a lot of light or rooms that need to dehumidify should be designed to face that direction, such as bathrooms, kitchens, rooms. Wash, etc. For rooms that need adequate amount of light, suitable such as bedroom, living room, study room, movie room, because these rooms, if there is too much light, will make the room hot as well. The design advantages with this principle also save energy. Because if the house has enough light, it is not necessary to turn on the lights during the day.

4. Positioning of the air conditioner

As you know, with the climate, our country is tropical. Therefore it is inevitable to have to install the air conditioner Especially during the night time residents want to stay cool when they sleep. Therefore, the bedroom design must take into account the angle where the air conditioner can be placed Also, the heat exchanger’s position must not be disturbed and heat is not drawn back. Or will add additional insulation Helps to make the room more cool

5.Designed for sound proof

In this case, it means both the noise from inside the house and outside the house, such as from the street in front of the house, noise from the house Therefore, soundproofing should be designed from various places such as soundproof windows design, the use of space divisions, the installation of sound insulation, the construction of double walls. Or the use of solid doors, etc.

6. Design your home with the future in mind.

When designing a house, careful consideration is required. And looking forward to the future Because in addition to thinking about the comfort of everyone in the house It is also important to think that if a family member has young children or an elderly person living with it. Should choose to build a room or use a house structure that looks safe. Avoid having a level ground to avoid the risk of accidents. And should add a bedroom downstairs for the convenience of the family And do not forget to allow the structure in the event that there may be an extension of the living space within the house. If you need to have new members added รับออกแบบบ้าน