The best films coming out movies that will hopefully fill them.

The best films
The best films

The best films coming out movies that will hopefully fill’d probably go for David Cronenberg. We’re optimistic that 2021

A Quiet Place Part 2

A monster movie directed by the cheeky one from The American Office didn’t exactly scream quality, but thanks to a neat, original premise – blind beasties with killer hearing – 2018’s A Quiet Place worked surprisingly well. A sequel was inevitable, sending the beleaguered Abbott family into the wilds of apocalyptic America. And with the entire original cast and crew returning – except for the ones that got eaten – this could be pretty good.
Out Apr 23 in cinemas.

Black Widow

Finally, a Marvel movie with a female lead (and what’s more, a female director). She may have plummeted to her death in Avengers: Endgame, but Scarlett Johansson’s ass-kicking assassin has one last story to tell. Set in the period following Captain America: Civil War, the film takes Black Widow, aka Natasha Romanoff, back to Russia to confront the ghosts of her past.
Out May 7 in cinemas. ดูหนังออนไลน์


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