The role of the architect in the current construction project.

The role
The role

The role of the architect in the current construction project. In most ways The architect will enter experts in each field of construction.

The duties of architects in modern construction projects. In most ways The architect will enter into a contract with the owner of the project (Owner) acting as a professional service provider. Consulting on construction Through building design and construction documentation (architects), architects will have consultants who advise on complex techniques, ie engineers who will be experts in each field of construction.

Typically for medium sized projects These engineers will consist of Structural Engineer, Civil Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Plumbing Engineer, and Mechanical Engineer may also have other important consultants such as Interior Designer and Landscape Architect (Landscape Architect), etc.

All professionals work together as a team. Through the coordination of architects Which is the leader of the team (Team Leader) and contacts to coordinate between the team (Coordinator) because other advisors. No one will understand the overall picture of the project as the architect.

With a greater understanding of the project than other team members Make the architect the direct contact with the owner for the project. Professionals on other teams Who wants to contact the owner usually do so through the architect. Or in some cases, the architect will not allow other team members to Contact the owner directly. This will lead to confusion in the system of coordination and operations.

If these professionals enter into an employment contract with an architect Architects will have a position as the leader of the design team (Leader), but if these professionals contract directly with the owner. Architects will have a council as the coordinator. In most cases, architects will contract with these professionals in order to achieve quality control and direct the project, but in some cases architects may want to avoid contracting with these professionals. Especially if it is a very large project where the architect has a very high responsibility. There may be a risk of liability for damage. (Liability) is not worth the professional service that will be received. Architects will advise project owners to contract directly with those professionals.

On the other hand, the owner of the project (Owner) will enter into a contract with a contractor (Contractor) to complete the construction. According to the construction drawings (Construction Documents) and Model assembly list (Specification) that architects and assistant teams have designed.

Scope of work of the architect

Architects today have expanded the scope of professional practice in many ways. Specific aspects such as

1. Design

2. Project management work (Construction Management)

3. Building Energy Management

4.Lighting Design

5. Facility Management

6. Conservation work (Preservation)

7.Building Inspection and Standards สถาปนิก


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