What is the work of the architect? What are the duties and procedures?


What does an architect do? What are the duties and procedures? Those involved in design and construction planning are called. Architecture Be a person who understands building construction standards Understand the functional functions of that building Including materials that will be used as components of that building Architects need to be educated in architecture. And obtained a license to practice architecture To be able to work in the profession of architect

Professional Service Procedures of Architects

Architects will perform professional services following the following steps.

1. Preliminary design (Schematic Design)

2.Design development (DD)

3. Make a construction drawing (Construction Document)

4. Bidding and Negotiation

5. Construction management (Construction Administration)

In some projects there may be a team job. In which the owner made a contract with the construction team only one contract Which consists of Construction contractors, architects and other consultants Together as one By contracting directly, this is known as a design service build (Design Build).


Scope of work of the architect

At present, the scope of professional practice has been expanded in many ways. Specific aspects such as

1. Design

2. Project management work (Construction Management)

3. Building Energy Management

4.Lighting Design

5. Facility Management

6. Conservation work (Preservation)

7.Building Inspection and Standards สถาปนิก


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